Introducing The Mute – Finalizing LUT for all Cameras. For a very long time, I struggled to keep the skin tones under control when color grading. Most of you probably encountered the problem of skin tones going red or orange when you color grade. Going back and forward between nodes or layers to counter the over-saturated effect from the color work. I created The Mute LUT specifically for this. Used as a finalizing LUT, to keep flesh tones under control. I used high-end portrait photography technique to create this lut giving image painterly like effect.

This LUT can be used with any camera and any editing program supporting .cube extension.

Examples of The Mute LUT in action. Images below from my actual work with various clients. Those sample images were filmed with different cameras, RED, ARRI, SONY, and Original BMCC

female surferfemale surfer
female boxerfemale boxer
slim jim commercialslim jim commercial
soldier for film productionsoldier for film production
female climbing rocksfemale climbing rocks

By default LUT values are pretty strong, using opacity control, dial for your own flavor to counter excessive saturation in the skin tones. The Mute LUT has minimal effect on exposure and designed to be used as the last node in the chain. If you going to apply film grain, you can apply that after the lut.