One Terrible Practice You Should Immediately Stop as a Photographer

In the age of digital content and creation, millions of images are born daily worldwide. Getting publicity is getting harder and harder especially if you just starting out as an amateur. We want to advertise to the entire world who we are and what we do, but there is one really bad practice that you should immediately stop! I am talking about the signature on your photographs. There is nothing elegant about it, it just looks plain tacky and screams amateur miles away! If you signing your photographs with the intention to keep the copyrights or perhaps prevent from someone using them for broadcast, I highly recommend using watermarks route, especially if you do more of a photojournalistic photography style. If you signing just to be elegant, DON”T! I keep seeing this trend gaining momentum, but believe me, it’s hurting you more than it’s helping you! Take a look at world more famous photographers! I guarantee you will never see a tacky signature on the side of the posted image. If we talking about the actual signature on the print, that is a completely different story! If you want to advertise your work, use social media platforms such as Instagram and etc! Forget about trends and focus on quality!