Using Xbox & Playstation Controller to Operate DJI Ronin S / SC Gimbal

Control Your Ronin With the Xbox & Playstation Joystick

Some of you may not know, but the latest Firmware for DJI Ronin S and SC allows an operator to use Game Console Joystick to control the gimbal. In my case, I am using an Xbox One Controller I purchased from Amazon a little while back. Let’s’ set things up!

FIRMWARE V2.1.1.0 2019/11/19

Setting Things up!

The first step, of course, is to have a compatible joystick. The One I use is Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller. It works fantastic for Windows 10 and I didn’t have any issues connecting it to PC and my iPhone, so if you are a gamer, it’s a very awesome controller.
Xbox One Controller

Once you got the joystick with the fresh batteries, push and hold the Xbox Logo to turn it on. Same for Playstation one.

The next step is to enable the Bluetooth on your phone. Simple process. Go to the settings, click on Bluetooth and enable it. With joystick on and Bluetooth enabled, push and hold the “Pair” button on top of your controller for 3 seconds. It will start searching for the device. If everything is correct, you will see an Xbox controller in your device list connected.

Apple IOS 13 Bluetooth

Next step, make sure your Ronin S or Ronin SC is powered on and connected.

Open up Ronin App on your mobile device.

Ronin S App

Once you opened up Ronin S App, click on CREATE


Once you clicked CREATE, you will see the Gaming Controller at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Controller to set things up!

Gamin Controller

That’s it! You are done! Just make sure to keep this App running, otherwise, it will lose connection with your controller.

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