Have you ever wondered how can you trim BRAW files and save it back to BRAW to save tons of space and make your files look professional? I got a nice solution for you inside Davinci Resolve!

For a very long time, this was impossible to do until relatively recently. You know that moment when you digging with your gimbal while camera rolling…tons of gigabytes being dumped down the drain, not to mention your footage may look kind of unprofessional if you planning on selling it on the stock footage platforms like RAW.FILM or FilmSupply

In this video tutorial, I will be working with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera BRAW format and show you how can you trim it down the length of your clip.

One of the very important factors for this little procedure is to make sure the framerate and your timeline resolution matching your source file precisely. Otherwise, you may corrupt your clip. It is also highly advisable that before you decide to do any kind of operation, to have a backup of your original shot! Don’t delete original files, until you completely confirm new conversion is fully functional!