“Shot with BMPCC 4k & DJI Ronin S”

“Le Monde De La Mode” Fashion Film Show with BMPCC 4k & DJI Ronin S. A short fashion statement film dedicated to express some of the Avant-Garde Styles of the fashion.

For this project, I collaborated with amazing fashion model Monet Nyree We spend a few days going back and forward about our ideas and the feel we want to achieve.

We set 3 designated locations for our principal photography. The entire process took us 4 hours and we were able to complete everything in time without any kind of issues.

On Set with BMPCC 4k and DJI RONIN S

Being a one-man band was very challenging from the beginning. As soon as we started filming, I realized I want to be as lightweight as possible. Initially, I wanted to use a SmallHD Focus monitor and other accessories, but due to the time constraint and complexity of some shots, I had to scramble that idea almost immediately. The entire project was filmed using nothing but the BMPCC 4kBlackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k” and DJI Ronin S with Focus Wheel and Focus Motor. Only these 3 items were used throughout the entire production! I was extremely happy with the fact that BMPCC 4k actually showed accurate focus peaking in the camera! That saved me during the shoot!

Balance and Control

Balancing BMPCC 4k on the DJI Ronin S is a breeze! I was reading so many comments online that many people have problems with it. I was able to balance the entire rig without any issues and film amazing shots! Focus pulling was the only challenging part of the whole process. Filming on the rough terrain, watching a tiny screen and focusing was a little bit challenging, but! Every shot turned out to be great at the end!


I edited the entire project using Davinci Resolve 16.1. The editing process took a little bit over an hour. As soon as I came back home from the shoot I started looking for the right soundtrack. I found what I was looking for on the Artlist platform. From there the rhythm of the song took over the edit. When I was editing I used my amazing Origami LUT to transform footage into clean “Alexa LookREC709 so I can see and feel what I was doing. I designed this LUT specifically to be as natural as possible and mimic classic clean film look.

ORIGAMI LUT for 3D Video Monitor

Once I was done with the edit I switched my Origami LUT from the Preview to OUTPUT and Graded underneath of that. Everything you see in the final video is 95% just a LUT.

Origami LUT 3D Output Table “Final Alexa Look”

The only adjustment I had to do is exposure in some shots. The rest is the LUT magic! To give it more accurate results, I end grading everything in DCI P3 and 12bit DnxHR.

natural bmpcc lut
natural bmpcc 4j kutbmpcc 4k
bmpcc4k lut
Origami LUT