Interestingly enough, the Resolve Beta 16.3.2 came exactly the day we filmed this project. So I decided to get out of my comfort zone and take it for the spin. Unfortunately enough, YouTube decided to blacklist my video for some unknown reason. Since then I wrote YouTube to support a letter but haven’t heard back since. I will keep updated information posted.

My first impression of the new GEN 5 Color science that it is phenomenal! The way it controls the reds, and some of us know that the red channel gets “hot” pretty often in digital cameras, and the highlight roll off is truly incredible.

Everything was filmed using BMPCC 4k camera with Olympus 12-40mm Zuiko Lens. This marvelous setup was placed on top of DJI Ronin S. For editing the entire project was Edited and Colored Inside Davinci Resolve 16.3.2 using Origami LUT for gen 5.

In the next blog, I am going to cover grading footage with the gen 5 color science and we are going to talk about it in depth.