” BMPCC Film to REC709 LUT

Better Way to Grade BMPCC 4k / 6k | LOG to REC709 LUT

Converting BMPCC footage to proper REC709 may be challenging at times. The build-in LUT from Davinci Resolve does a pretty mediocre job at doing so, making skin yellow and the rest of the image pretty flat and dull. Over the past few weeks, I developed BMPCC LUT transforming Blackmagic Film into proper REC709 by implementing similar conversion that ACES does when utilizing color management. Origami LUT designed to be working with BMPCC4k & BMPCC6k

The results are a very accurate color transformation without contaminating skin tons and introducing additional artifacts to the image. Origami BMCC LUT is very versatile and can be used in multiple applications from the starting point to on set preview.

bmpcc lutbmpcc

Origami BMPCC LUT Package NOW Includes 4 LUTS!!!

  • Natural FILM to REC709 (Great for Advanced Color Grading) ADDED 2nd VERSION as of DEC 15/2019. If you purchase the package please make sure to download the updated version!!!
  • Vibrant FILM to REC709 (More Vibrant Version)
  • BW Film To REC709 (Add Some Noire Style to Your Film)

If you previously purchased Origami BMPCC LUT, please make sure to download the updated 3 LUT package. Additionally, the Practice File is now Included with your purchase!

When you apply Origami LUT, it’s recommended that you do all “Exposure” Adjustments in the Node before the LUT and If you feel like the effect of the LUT is too strong to your taste, you can use the NODE KEY to dial down until you are satisfied with the results. See Above Video Demonstration.