Hand Held Camera camera movement is a little tricky technique and can take a little bit of practice. Sometimes you want to play safe and grab establishing shot on the tripod not to risk it to ruin the whole thing. Fortunately! There is a sneaky little way you can do inside Davinci Resolve to help you get realistic camera movement without any additional plugins. In my experience, third-party plugins look very generic and unrealistic.

Most of the times they look completely ridiculous. I’m starting my video tutorial with the PRACTICE File which you can download for FREE. In my tutorial, I used BMPCC REC709 LUT to convert LOG into Cinematic REC709 space. As far as the actual “Donor” shot, you can film that with any camera, just make sure your hand held camera movement is not abrupt and all over the place. Also, it is very important that your “Donor” shot is long enough to cover the main shot, otherwise it won’t work properly.

But Why?

So why would you want to do this? The answer is very simple! Let’s say you have no skills operating the camera in your hands! And believe me! It’s not that simple to get a proper hand held shot! Anyways…You go out and you shoot your shot…But it’s lacking a little bit of life into it! This is where this technique comes into place and you don’t have to worry about screwing your shot in camera!

If you watched the video you can see how sneaky this technique really is! However, if you would like to do the opposite of this, there is a tutorial for that as well! In this video, I am showing how to Stabilize Footage Inside Resolve to Mimic FilmoTechnic shot

If you having problems navigating around Davinci Resolve, make sure to check out my Getting Started Video. Its a quick Crash Course for the latest version 16. If you want to dive a little bit deeper, check out Secret to Hollywood quality video.

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