Sneak Peek of Vintage LUT for BMPCC4k

As some of you know I finally decided to get the BMPCC4k for my personal work. I used to, and still do, always rent film equipment to eliminate the hustle of spending years of buying things I won’t be using. So finally I decided to have my own little Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4k to play around with. That makes me completely free from commercial contracts and other obligations keeping me from using my footage for tutorials and developing my own stuff for you guys! I’m giving you a little sneak peek of Vintage LUT for BMPCC4k!

Vintage LUT still on early stages of development, but I am planning on releasing by the end of July / early August!

Here are some rough examples of what Vintage LUT is going to be about!

The most difficult task of creating Vintage LUT is to mimic how old school film was developed. Luckily BMPCC4k is a fantastic camera with the sensor very similar to a 16mm film negative. Paired with nice Angieneux Glass these are the results

Vintage LUT for BMPCC4k Sneak Peek
Straight LOG to Vintage LUT for BMPCC4k
Vintage LUT for BMPCC4k
Log to Vintage LUT straight conversion
Organic Image feel
Vintage LUT + Film Grain
LOG to Vintage LUT
LOG to Vintage LUT
LOG to Vintage LUT
LOG to Vintage LUT

If you love the organic image as much as I do, You definitely going to appreciate Vintage LUT for BMPCC4k.

For the development of this LUT, I didn’t use anything that can jeopardies organic quality and feel of the image. There is no hazardous filters and IR pollution. All recorded images straight from the lens to the sensor, leaving no error for color fidelity translation.

Stay tuned! Vintage LUT will be released late september / early October 2019!. In the meantime, check out FilmLUT for BMPCC4k!