Great news! Couple days ago Blackmagic Design Team announced fantastic new Pocket Cinema Camera 6k along with some incredible new features in Davinci Resolve 16.1 BETA! One of the greatest features of that beta update is now the ability to use your secondary display via graphic card output! Finally, for many users, their prayers have been answered by Blackmagic Team! Not many people have a decklink card to output clean signal, nor a lot of people really aware of that workflow. Now that Resolve is becoming more consumer friendly, this is incredible update allowing users to use their current setups for monitoring.

Things to be aware of!

With this sweet update and new capability, there is a little catch! Point of decklink card is to output cleanest possible signal from the system, meaning things like operating system color management has no effect on the actual output image. With the signal now coming from the graphics card, there is a much bigger chance of potential “contamination” of the image.

Many professionals will argue it’s a terrible thing and blah blah blah, however, there is a simple workaround I found and compared to actual Flanders Scientific Monitor, that looks exactly identical to GUI monitor. Using FREE software Display Cal, you can calibrate your screens to match given color specifications and if your screens are capable, meaning they are IPS, cover at least 100%srgb and have RGB control, you can essentially calibrate screens to look correct even with system color management.

This is a still a gamble at the moment, however, I am predicting within a few more beta updates, Resolve will be fully capable of supporting this feature. To select your secondary display, all you have to do is, Go to WORKSPACE, FULLSCREEN VIEWER ON and Select your Display to be Full Screen.