How to Stabilize Shaky Footage in Davinci Resolve? There are a few methods available to answer this question! However, the method I am going to show you in this video tutorial is easy! and most important give you complete control of what you want to stabilize! Automatic stabilization does a very mediocre job, especially when it comes to certain types of shots… In this video, you will learn how to do it the correct way and preserve full control over your material! Just remember a few things before you start! Just be sure to work with properly calibrated monitors, otherwise, things can get messy!

For this video tutorial, I am using the footage for RAW.FILM and my new Origami LUT for RED Digital IPP2 workflow to give image cinematic look from the start.

Don’t use wobbly shots, that is automatically a big NO-NO! Davinci Resolve cannot calculate when you have a tear of the image, due to a rolling shutter effect in the camera sensor, therefore your shot going to look terrible!

Second! Make sure that whatever you shoot, you have this technique in mind and in-camera perspective a little bit wider. Depending on how much shaking you have, the shot may be zoomed in a bit, so prepare for that on set

And finally! Don’t count on gimmick post techniques like this one! Sure it can save your butt in some cases, but nothing beats professionally shot material as I have in the tutorial footage.

Now! If you want to have completely opposite effect of that! I have another video tutorial showing you how to turn the boring shot into hand held camera!