How to Install a LUT in Davinci Resolve

How to Install a LUT in Davinci Resolve? For many beginners including young myself when I started color grading in Davinci Resolve, locating LUT folder was always a little nightmare! I would always go online to find the exact location of the folder and sometimes would spend a good amount of time researching it. Things are very simple in reality!

All LUTS in Davinci Resolve are located in the same folder! All you have to do is go to a new project, select project settings folder inside the project, in the popup windows go-to color management, scroll down a little and select open LUT folder. Once you copied all the LUTS you need, click UPDATE LISTS or simply restart the program. Very simple and straightforward!

If you still having issues with it, check out included video tutorial how to that! In this example, I am using my upcoming Vintage LUT for BMPCC4k to show how to install it and where it is located.