High End Commercial Color Grading in Davinci Resolve

Getting high end cinematic look can be a difficult task sometimes. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing advanced color grading. First of all, in our case, where is commercial doing to end up? Web and broadcast have both different sets of color “rules” one should follow. For example difference in gamma can be problematic decision to make. For strictly computer users, it’s recommended to use a gamma of 2.2 when for example coloring for “tv” it’s better to use a gamma of 2.4. That can dramatically affect how visually your grading may look on different platforms. In this video tutorial, I will be turning footage shot on RED Digital Camera into High End Commercial using my FilmLUT and couple of sneaky techniques to get an expensive look.

Footage Courtesy of RawFilm | Cinematic Royalty Free Stock Footage

If you are new to color grading and having problems keeping up, check out Crash Course Tutorial on Davinci Resolve. It will help you to understand a little bit better.

What is Color Grading?

What is Color Grading? For new users, it may be a little strange terminology. There is Color Correction and there is Color Grading. In Color Correction, one simply adjusts the basic parameters of the image to put it simply for you. Basically, brightness and basic white balance are being adjusted. Color Grading, on the other hand, takes adjustments to the next level! Every Color Grading Starts with Color Correction as a basic starting point and alters natural colors of the image, and visually enhances certain colors and elements of the image. Light can be readjusted, colors can be changed, skin tonality can be smoothed or changed and etc.

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