Color Grading New Blackmagic Gen 5 Color Science in Davinci Resolve. In this video tutorial, we are going to break down new Color Science Gen 5 from Blackmagic design and take a look at how it stands up from its previous version. For this video, I used BMPCC 4k in BRAW Q0 with Olympus 12-40mm Zuiko f2.8 and DJI Ronin S gimbal, If you would like to see my full gear that I trust and use, check out the links on my YouTube video.

This is what we are going to do in this video

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If you like to see side by side comparison with gen 4 and gen 5, check out this video below. I used Origami LUT in both version to demonstrate the difference.

Practice Footage Link Please remember, that the provided footage is for learning purposes only, and cannot be used in any commercial work. You are more than welcome to share it online or in your YouTube video as long as you provide the link to my website or a YouTube channel.