Color Grading drone footage has its own challenges. From weather conditions to operation, getting that perfect shot may be tricky. In today’s video tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how you can create Epic Sunset with Dji Inspire X7 with few easy steps!

Start Right

A very important step in most color grading situations is to get the first step right. I see a lot of amateur mistakes people do when trying to achieve a nice cinematic image. Make sure to balance your shot, in other words, get that nice clean starting image going! You can dial it manually or you can use dedicated LUT to convert your footage into Rec709 as a starting point! Amazingly DJI Inspire X7 shares the “same” color space as Blackmagic Cameras, so if you are familiar with grading your pocket cam, this one should be a breeze!

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Special THANK YOU to RAWFILM For Making This Tutorial Possible|