Advanced Color Grading in Davinci Resolve 16 / Turn Boring Shot into Blockbuster. In today’s video tutorial, we are going to be working with RED Digital Footage provided by fantastic RAW.FILM and my own custom FilmLUT to turn boring shot into blockbuster using new Davinci Resolve 16. In this video, I am going to use a combination of film and photography techniques to bring the maximum out of the shot. New Davinci Resolve 16, now comes with a fantastic set of FREE plugins that can drastically change the way your shot looks! One of those FREE Plugins is stop motion. Generally speaking, in certain situations, that may not be an ideal solution, however, with the intensity and mystery of our shot, this effect does the magic!

Analyzing the shot

A lot of amateurs always make the same mistake over and over again. They learn some tricks and use them without thinking. Color grading is a very complex process, there is no such thing as an easy preset that works for everything. Learning how to analyze your shot is the key to success. Most common mistake amateurs do, is they have no clue what’s in front of them. Movement, camera, lighting, environment, it’s all play a drastic role in the shot on top of many other factors. Understanding what you are doing is the most important factor of all. I see people using the same luts and templates all over the place. Big mistake! Davinci Resolve 16, comes with an incredible amount of Plugins allowing you more creative freedom. Make sure to use them appropriately and not just mixing them because they are available.

Davinci Resolve 16

Davinci Resolve 16 comes in two different versions. One is lite, and another one is a paid version. I am not getting endorsed by Blackmagic Design for saying this, but if you are serious about color grading, make sure to use Paid Version. Besides true 4k DCI resolution, you get a fantastic set of OFX plugins and really good build in Noise Reduction. I used to be Adobe Premiere user, but now, I completely switched to Davinci Resolve 16 and even cut my tutorials in it.