Some of the gear I use on the daily basis for my work. Click on the images to see the prices

NIKON D810 – MY MAJOR WORK HORSE THAT I SHOOT MOST OF MY STUFF WITH. In process of switching to D850 once they start normal production.

Sigma Art Series Lenses – I used Practically every brand on the market, but sigmas by far give me most amount of details for my work.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 – New on Location Companion. For backup, Tethering shooting and Image retouching

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Interfit s1 Battery Powered Flash –They are pretty recent purchase, but so far I am really impressed with the quality of light they give. As a bonus they come with remote so I can control the output power and other stuff without the need of assistant.

Interfit s1 Remote –This fancy looking thing controls the flash from the camera. Once you try it, you won’t be able to work without it.

Profoto Reflector – My favorite reflectors so far, I personally prefer to bounce the light versus using the flash. Quality of these reflectors really top notch and light is very strong and beautiful. Sun Silver is my favorite.

Pelican Memory Card Case –Once the photo shoot is over, most valuable possession becomes the information. Protecting what you just shot is extremely important. I pop all my memory card into this pelican case. It’s hard cover, water and damage proof.

LowePro Whistler 350 – Least thing you want to do is to bump your camera against the corner somewhere in a flimsy cheap backpack. Lowepro Whistler is a real heavy duty bag capable of carying even cinema cameras like RED or Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 64gb Memory Card – There are cheaper alternatives out there, but if you want to keep all your data safe, this is the card to go. I been using these bad boys for over 5 yearsand they never failed me on set.

Photek Softlighter II – I really been enjoying these hybryd umbrellas/softboxes. What I really like about them is quality of light and the fact that light comes out in reverse, meaning it’s spreads more evenly vs standard softboxes.

LowePro Hatchback 16l-22l –My favorite backpack for lightweigh photoshoots or just being sneaky. You can’t fit too much in the 16l version, but it’s enough for DSLR with the battery grip and the lens, which is what I need in most cases.

Battery Grip –Adds a lot of weight and bulkiness to the camera, but if you shoot a lot of vertical stuff, it’s a must have.

Wacom Intuos Pro – A must have item for any retouching work. Very precise and offers tons of options. Left and Right handed.

Blackmagic Design Micro Panel – This is my workhorse for color grading, if you serious about it, I highly recommend. For what I do, micro panel does the job, however you can go more advance with MINI panel.

Color Grading Panel

ASUS PB278Q – Little older monitor comparing to it’s new successors, but I still use it for most of my photography work. Color Quality is exceptional and price is very cheap.

Asus PB278Q Monitor

EVGA 1080TI – Heart and Soul of all my processing. Very powerfull graphic card with lots of ram 11gb. Great for Video and Photography work. I only use 1, I personally never noticed signifficant benefit of using 2.

EVGA 1080ti

Samsung M.2 Drive 960 PRO – Wicked fast drive for serious work. 3500mb/sec RED and 2100mb/sec write. Fastest Drive currently available. Little expensive but flies thru RED footage and other heavy formats like a breeze.

Quick Disclaimer

List of gear above is not being endorsed by any of the manufacturers. All items are my personal choice to I put together after many years of trial and error. Things that work for me, may not work for you. Always look at all options available to fit your personal style better.