Most common questions I get asked all the times.

– What software you use for editing

A – For most of my work I use Capture One and Photoshop

Q – Do you retouch your own work ?

A – Yes ! I personally retouch everything I photograph

Q – Are you a mac user or PC ?

A – I only use PC in all my work

Q – You do work in LA but you live in San Diego, why ?

A – I can’t stand LA traffic, I can’t imagine staying creative spending entire day in the car.

Q – What is your favorite camera ?

A – At this moment I shoot all my work with Nikon D810, however I am very open for a change. I try to use best possible gear that fits my style and quality of work.

Q – How long have you been photographing before taking it to a next level ?

A – I been photographing things all my life, not professionally but different things here and there. Probably at least 5 years of “real” photography work.