About Me

Little bit of Info about Myself

Aram K. Fashion & Portrait Photographer based in Los Angeles & San Diego

I have been shooting film and photography professionally for over 4 years. I specialize in many different styles of photography including working with beginner models helping them to build professional modeling portfolios for talent agencies. I started my career in film, working as cinematographer and film colorist, which slowly transitioned into photography passion. I cover many professional styles of photography including Portrait, Fashion, Advertisement, and Commercials. My photography work varies from normal to high budget, and many of my first time clients have been published in various fashion and local magazines. I like to approach every photo shoot as creative as possible by making every photo tell the story. I shoot to sell your look at the highest possible standards. My work has been featured in various magazines including Vogue, ELLE, ALLURE and many others including domestic and international publications. My approach in photography has helped many actors and models to become successful in the industry. From modeling portfolios to prime shows and channels such as HBO, Nickelodeon, and many others. As of begining of 2018, Aram K. moved away from his original website Aram Photography, while still maintaining it is no longer main website. Currently shooting coupe personal projects that will be published very shortly. 

If you want to find out more, check out my portfolio page or contact me if you have any questions, or you can visit my Facebook or Instagram page to take a sneak peek. I work in San Diego & Los Angeles areas, and available to travel worldwide.

Aram K.